Mara Neske


Heir Apparant


Forty-Five years ago I saw a beautiful handmade casserole and wanted to learn how to make one. It sparked my interest so much, that I started making pottery in High School. I then set my sights on going to  Alfred University College of Ceramic and and Design. I became a potter and married my husband, Tim, who was also a potter. We then wanted to open a store to sell pottery and decided on Fair Haven because of its proximity to the Ocean and the great school system.  We then had our son, Jacob who was always helping us get by. He even helped get us our first loan to open the store while in the second grade! After that I needed furniture for our home and didn't see anything on the market that I liked, so I decided to start carrying furniture. I have stayed close to my first idea of beautiful hand crafted furniture made in America. I love houses, home furnishings and people.  35 years ago when we started The Store From River Road, I left the name very generic so we could sell anything.


I am very proud of what we've all done. All of us at The Store From River Road are very committed to what we do. I have to say I have the best salespeople, delivery people and customer service people on this side of  . . . . . 


Eileen Cuje


The Store From River Road has been my second home for almost 24 years.  What started as a part time job blossomed into a full time career, where I am able to combine creative design skills with "people" skills.  I attended the Interior Design Program at Brookdale Community College and it helped me fine tune the design side of my work.  The interaction with customers is just as important as design and is probably myfavorite part of working here.  You never know who is going to walk through the door or what their needs might be.  The challenge of interpreting a customer's vision for their home and executing it is very satisfying to me.  If they don't have an idea I listen to them, try to get an idea of their personality and come up with ideas to help them get the look they didn't even know they wanted.  I feel very lucky to work at The Store From River Road!  Everyday is different and challenging.

Patrice Schulte


My journey with The Store began 19 years ago working part time when I had two young children. What started out as selling furniture and accessories has developed into a full time design business for me. I truly enjoy the new challenges every day. I love to do a room from start to finish, not only furniture, but paint color, window treatments, accessories.....and of course as anyone who knows me...the pillows!

I have built my large client base through word of mouth.  My expertise is assisting my clients in turning their vision into reality.   Not only do I design their space to be aesthetically beautiful, I  always make sure it feels like they belong there.  One of the most  rewarding aspects is when I get to incorporate pieces that have a special meaning to them.


Jennifer Bolton


I have been in the furniture industry since 2000. Starting as a sales rep for a high end lighting company, I went on to work for large home furnishings corporation.  I then went on to open a furniture manufacturing company with partners in India and South Africa.  It was so successful, I opened two of my own stores.  After closing my business to start my family, Mara and I reconnected after many years.  We immediately hit it off and I joined The Store's Team in 2013.  I have combined my furniture manufacturing experience with Eileen and Patrice's in depth knowledge of design to become a great addition to The Store.

Reggie Smith


Distribution Coordinator

AKA "The BEST Delivery Man in Monmouth County"

I have been at The Store From River Road since it relocated in 1998 to Shrewsbury, New Jersey.  The best part of my job is the excitement our customers have when their furniture is arriving in their homes. 

Amanda Hrehowsik

Client Services Director

Customer satisfaction is what drives me here at The Store.  We only buy from the best manufacturers in the country, but sometimes things can go awry.  I am on top of every issue and never leave a client unsatisfied or leave anything unresolved. 


Dougie Fresh